Our Infrastructure

BlazeNet prides itself on having engineered a reliable and redundant network which accommodates the high-availability demands of our customers' critical applications. We achieve this through a simple and scalable architecture designed to ensure maximum service availability for our customers. For performance and reliability, BlazeNet employs state-of-the-art equipment from Cisco Systems for all core systems. This includes BlazeNet's border Router Cisco 7609 with 10 Gig RPS Router.

BlazeNet's carrier-neutral facility provides our customers with numerous secure connections to the Internet backbone through several selected upstream network providers. BlazeNet is connected to seven different fibre carriers who supply the facility through independent access points. BlazeNet then maintains various connections over divergent multi paths to peering points. Our multiple carrier network architecture creates real redundancy and ensures that customer traffic can reach its destination using the optimal upstream network. This offers significant advantages over the peering arrangements that a typical Tier 1 data centre has. At BlazeNet, if any provider experiences downtime or any other problem, traffic is re-routed through other network carriers until the problem is resolved. Our network engineers utilize sophisticated route determination technology to constantly probe the Internet for packet loss and latency and then automatically re-route traffic around these areas.

BlazeNet is carefully designed network with all available Undersea Fiber in India Viz: - SE-ME-We-3, Se-Me-We-4, Falcon, i2i, TIC, Safe, I-Me-We. BlazeNet is connected to IP-Transit via Reliance Global Connect ISP, VSNL, TTSL, Bharti - Airtel via Chennai and Mumbai.

BlazeNet Network is Ipv4 and IPv6 is “Multi-homed” with BGP-4 Protocol and capacity is balanced on different fiber undersea cable to insure that in case of fiber cut traffic can disrupt minimum and customers have maximum Latency and no packet loss.

BlazeNet is able to customize to customer Destination network via BEST Route technology and manually routed to maximum latency for real time application.