Network Security & Threat Management

BlazeNet provides extensive security management and assessment services for clients that may require a consultation-based service, fully managed services, or a combination of the services offered which include.

Security Architecture Design: BlazeNet can assist clients in securing systems and keeping them secure without hindering the ability to do business by providing various secure technologies.

Vulnerability Assessment: BlazeNet provides services, which include a full risk assessment of a client's IT infrastructure to identify a number of potential risks.

Security Policies and Procedures: BlazeNet can assist in designing, educating the client on, and implementing a security policy that protects against unauthorized exposure of a client's information assets.

VPN and Firewalls: Remote access is evolving in many ways from high-speed access solutions, many different VPN technologies for different operating systems and vendors, and a number of advancements in encryption and authentication technologies as well. BlazeNet can leverage a client's infrastructure to provide for a remote workforce through those technologies.

Intrusion Detection Systems: BlazeNet can offer a number of solutions to meet a client's intrusion detection and recovery needs from simple single system detectors to entire data center recovery for the worst scenario in event of a major intrusion.

Virus Protection: BlazeNet can help you choose and implement virus protection software that gives you the best chance at catching them before they enter your network environment.