BlazeNet's Metro Fiber 

BlazeNet continues its quest to provide major cities of Gujarat with Internet services normally found only in larger metropolitan areas. As businesses upgrade their LANs to GigE and 10 GigE speeds, employee productivity is soaring for applications that reside on the LAN. However, employees face lesser productivity and bandwidth bottlenecks for applications outside the LAN where speeds have traditionally been limited to much slower telco circuit speeds of E-1s, DSL and DS-3s.

With virtualization and video conferencing becoming more prevalent, now is the time to implement an Internet and/or Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure to support your growing bandwidth requirements.

To help solve these IT infrastructure needs, BlazeNet is expanding its fiber optic network to deliver 100 Mbps, GigE, and 10 GigE speeds for commercial-grade Internet and WAN connections.

BlazeNet's Metro Fiber services include:

  • Ethernet IP Transit - Access BlazeNet's business-class Internet backbone from your office. Our speeds start at 5 Mbps up and down and increment up to 10 GigE.

  • Point-to-Point Ethernet - Simplify and also upgrade the speed at which your remote offices access shared servers and applications at your corporate office. Get a 100 Mbps or GigE connection between 2 sites or to your colo cabinet at BlazeNet.

  • Point-to-Multi-Point Ethernet - For those businesses with 3+ locations, BlazeNet can help you build a network using 100 Mbps, GigE, or 10 Gig circuits. We can also help you integrate T1s or DS-3s in locations where Metro Ethernet is not yet available.

  • Dark Fiber- For those carriers and larger end-user customers interested in installing their own equipment, the bandwidth options are virtually unlimited.

Metro Fiber Features

  • Internet increments starting at 5 Mbps Ethernet
  • Guaranteed full-duplex 100 Mbps, GigE, and 10 GigE speeds via IEEE standard Ethernet interface
  • Each customer's traffic is securely separated throughout the network
  • Flexibility to design services in Layer 1, 2, or 3
  • Optional features such as MPLS, QoS, VLAN tagging, managed router(s)

Benefits of BlazeNet's Metro Fiber Solutions

  • Cost-effective, simple solution with the same Ethernet technology in your LAN and WAN
  • Faster speeds than ATM, T-1s, DSL, and DS-3s - instead purchase 100 Mbps, Gig E, and 10 GigE speeds
  • Plug and play installation plus quick and easy upgrades without having to install new circuits and purchase new hardware
  • High speed connections to facilitate virtualization
  • Consolidated provider for your data center, managed server, and Internet / WAN infrastructure