Acceptable Use Policy

This agreement entered into between BlazeNet Ltd. the party of first part, hereinafter called "BlazeNet" provided the access to the Internet hereinafter called "Service" and, the party of the Second part, hereinafter called the "User".

Validity of the Agreement
This agreement is valid for a period of one month, renewable for further periods of one month at a time. The agreement shall automatically stand renewed on the expiry of each period of one month unless it is expressly terminated. Use cannot impose on BlazeNet any terms and conditions outside this agreement.

Ending the Agreement

Either party can terminate the agreement without assigning any reason by giving one month's notice. The notice shall be given in writing and either delivered by hand under acknowledgement or sent by mail, electronic mail to Facsimile. BlazeNet may also end this Agreement and the provision of the service immediately if user branch this Agreement or if it reasonably considered use have misused or abused the service.

Availability of the Service
It shall be the endeavor of BlazeNet to provide the service on a continuous basis for 24 hours in a day for all days in week. However, the services is liable to be affected by factors such as failure on hardware, software, power or telecommunication link in all such and similar cases, beyond the control of BlazeNet, it is understood and agreed that the service is liable to interruption. BlazeNet may also stop the service during periods of scheduled and emergency maintenance.

Non-availability of the service for these and similar reasons will not constitute a breach of this agreement.

If the stoppage is due to a planned maintenance, BlazeNet will endeavor to notify you in advance about the time that the service will not be available. Non-receipt of such notice will however, not constitute a breach of this Agreement.

BlazeNet expects to provide the service with an adequate level of performance in terms of the response and continuity of availability of the service. However, at times, due to the number of users being high at any time, the service may temporarily be slow or limited or even unavailable for short period of time.

Access to the service

The user will be provided an account (hereinafter called the "Account") by BlazeNet, which will entitle you to access the service in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

For the purpose of accessing the Internet service, the user will be provided with a unique user identity and password. Access to the Internet through the user's account will be possible only by giving the identity code given to the user and by entering the password. It will be the responsibility of the user to keep your password a secret and not divulge it to anyone else. Anyone using the services using the user's password will be chargeable to user's account and will operate the service on the user's responsibility. The user shall be liable for all use of the Internet account on your password, whether the user authorizes the same or not.

Access to the Internet service by shall be through the user's own account and password only. The user shall not access or attempt to access the service through any one else?s password.

Responsibility of BlazeNet
BlazeNet will be providing only the access to the Internet through its central server. It shall be the user's responsibility to provider the computer, modem and telephone line and communication software required for the purpose at the user's end.

Transfer / Resale of the service
This service is being provided for the user's own use only. The user shall not resell / transfer of hire these services to anyone else.

Use of Internet
The user shall be solely responsible for the selection and use of the information accessed through the Internet. BlazeNet is only providing the access to the internet and is in no way responsible for the content available on the net or the uses to which these may be put by the use of anyone accessing the net through the user's password, for which the user will be solely responsible. In particular, the user must understand that some of the information available on the Internet may be offensive. The user shall his / her discretion in choosing the material the user access and control the access by any other person through the user's password.

Some of the information available may also be illegal and leave the use liable to claims by third parties. The user accepts responsibility for the information that is accessed through the user's password.

BlazeNet is not responsible for the loss of confidentiality that the user may suffer by using the Internet. The Internet provides services such as E-mail, which may be intercepted or otherwise accessed by third parties. The user shall be responsible for the selection and use of various services and security features in relation to all transactions on the Internet, and BlazeNet cannot be held responsible for these at any stage for the revelation of the user's confidential information through the use of Internet.

The user also understood and hereby acknowledge that there is a potential risk of damage to, or malfunctioning of the user's computer hardware, software and to the stored information in the user's computer, through such means as virus, worms etc.

The user hereby undertakes not to use the Internet for any unlawful or unacceptable purpose.

In particulars, the user undertake not to user service in anyway, which may interface with the service or disrupt or impair the same.

The user also undertakes not to transmit or propagate any undesirable material, including viruses, worms, objectionable messages, and threats, etc.

The user shall be personally liable for the violation of any copyright of intellectual property rights. The user shall ensure that nothing is done through the user's password that infringes the rights of third parties.

The user will also observe the generally accepted codes of behavior and etiquette while using the Internet. In particulars, the user will strictly observe the rules and conventions that may be notified by BlazeNet to the user from time to time in this regard.

Payment will be made in accordance with BlazeNet's flexible payment plans, which are designed to suit various levels of use. The user has been separately notified regarding the rates and modes of payment. The user undertakes to make all payments on the due-date(s) without fail. The service is liable to be stopped without notice in case of non-payment of the requisite charges/fees.

The user shall make payments only to the authorized agents of BlazeNet. The mode of payment shall be through crossed cheque in favor of "BlazeNet Ltd." if made through the agent. The use may also pay cash at the office of BlazeNet. No cash payment shall be made to the agents of BlazeNet unless expressly authorized in writing by BlazeNet.