About Us

BlazeNet Ltd. incorporated by team of young technocrats, as an Internet Solution Provider our main focus is in providing Internet connectivity and developing customized Internet solutions for companies and organizations; incorporating cost effective Internet technologies to help companies gain a competitive edge in both local and global markets.

Founded in 1998 as an Internet Service Provider was among the first private Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Gujarat, India. The years that followed BlazeNet played a major role in building Gujarat Internet infrastructure, earning the company a reputation for fast, stable Internet access and innovative Internet solutions for corporate customers.

BlazeNet, a leading Internet service provider, has evolved into a full-range Internet and business solutions provider.

We believe in looking towards the future with great visions and endless inventions in developing technologies, products and services to suit our customers' needs both today and in the future to live up to the company's motto - "Always Ahead".

BlazeNet strives to produce innovative products and services that meet customer's evolving needs. At the same time, we understand that a long-term success is more about than just making great solutions.


At BlazeNet, we have a fundamental philosophy: "Focus On Service".


Putting technology and service in the same sentence can often be called an 'oxymoron'. At BlazeNet, we strive to deliver outstanding solutions and service to our customers. We are so serious about it that we have developed service-focused teams in each division. These teams are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best service possible or, in the words of our fearless leader, customer service that exceeds all expectations.

Following our belief in looking towards the future, BlazeNet established the following principles:


  • Stability: Providing Internet services and IT solutions through a quality and stable network systems that attain the high standard of system security and stability.

  • Flexibility: Developing various services and solutions that are flexible, can be customized to suit business needs and operations with no limitations, and can answer to every corporate customer's need.

  • Dedication: Devoting to provide quality after-sale services, consultations and quick problem-solving by a team of experts that are available 24 hours a day.